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wedding rehearsal dinners denver

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Denver Planning By Chef Dennis Berry

The wedding rehearsal dinner has become more of an event than just a formality as it used to be. It is traditionally a way to get the two families of the bride and groom together, in an informal comfortable setting so that everybody can get acquainted before the big ceremony.

In the past, the groom’s family has paid and/or hosted the wedding rehearsal dinner, but the whole world isn’t quite as “traditional” as it used to be. There is nothing wrong with the bride and groom paying for the event if it makes sense. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. It is YOUR day.

If you’re on a limited budget, keep the invite list a little smaller, or more “exclusive,” and have a little cocktail/dessert party later in the evening for everybody else if they want to say hi before your big day.

The wedding rehearsal dinner is commonly held on Friday night (or the night before the wedding day). Try and make it a little later, like 7 or 8 o’clock to allow people to arrive in town and/or travel there after work. In many cases, it is held in a nice restaurant or even in the hotel where everybody is staying, but nowadays, people are coming up with fun ideas like at the beach, a backyard barbecue, or even at an art gallery. AND, it also doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal sit-down dinner. Passed hors d’oeuvres and/or cocktail party type fare is perfectly acceptable. Since we are in Denver Colorado, there are dozens of fun groovy micro breweries opening up. We can incorporate some tasty brews into your menu if that is something you and your guests would enjoy.

If you want to send e-vites, that is fine. With social media nowadays, you really don’t need the added expense of sending out formal invitations to everybody on your list. You can reach everybody just fine through the internet.

Now that you’ve got the event and food planned out, it’s time for some of the important things for you to do that night such as:

Toast – let those who won’t be speaking on the big day say some words if they wish. Traditionally, the grooms parents tend to toast on the night of the wedding rehearsal dinner Denver.

Gift Exchanges – 2 parts here:
1.The bride and groom give their gifts to the wedding party
2.Have a little table for anybody who wishes to leave gifts now rather than the wedding day

Meet & Greet – Allow everybody to get acquainted and/or do some introductions yourself

Last Minute Reminders – Let everybody know where they are supposed to be at what times the next day

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