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Cooking Classes Denver Colorado With Professional Chef:

Would you like to take your cooking skills to the next level? A private cooking class in Denver Colorado with Chef Dennis Berry will definitely help you achieve your goal. Whether it is a beginner cooking class in knife skills or a master chef class where we might prepare some braised short ribs, you will definitely leave more skilled and knowledgeable than when you began.
* Just a note, you don’t have to be a master chef for us to prepare short ribs, just a cooking class title we have. All are always welcome and encouraged.

As a classically trained professional chef with modern technique, you’re in good hands with Chef Dennis Berry. With over 25 years of experience as a private chef, executive chef, culinary instructor, and caterer, you can be assured you’ll have an incredible experience learning how to cook. Whether you’re looking to have a “hands on” cooking class, demonstration cooking class, or simply a lecture on nutrition or other aspects of food and/or fitness, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re just looking to have a “girls night” and want to have Chef Dennis cook for you while you drink wine, or maybe you want to learn how to cook a classic French dish like Chateaubriand. No problem.

Here are Some Popular Private Cooking Class in Denver Colorado:

Types of Cooking Classes with Chef Dennis Berry:

Hands On Class – This is recommended for smaller parties so everybody can participate. Sometimes, if it is small, everybody can have their own cutting board and/or cooking materials. OR we can team up and work in small groups.
This is great for kiddos and/or “Ladies Night Out”
We all dine together when the dish is complete.

Demonstration Class – Chef Dennis will do the cooking while you watch and drink wine or just hang around. Sometimes, there is some minimal participation.
Then, when the dish is complete, everybody eats together.
Lots of fun.

Lecture/Speaking Engagement – Chef Dennis is also a great speaker. You can see his live videos here:
If you are looking to have him speak at your corporate office about nutrition, health, making healthier decisions on the road, and/or even fitness, he is the right guy for the job.
OR… if you just want to have some entertainment at your party… also a great option.

salmon-avocado-rollSimple but elegant appetizers: In this private cooking class, Chef Dennis will show you how to make a few different appetizers that will impress your guests. Any level of cook can pick up on these and really do a great job.
Healthy Cooking and Eating – learning to incorporate whole foods and fresh ingredients in your diet
Basic Cooking Skills 101 – Knife skills, stocks & sauces, etc…
Master Chef Series – Explore advanced cooking techniques and specialty ingredients
Regional Cooking – Italy, France, Austrian, South American, Caribbean, American, Spanish, Mexican, etc
Food and Wine Pairing
Specialty Diet Cooking Class – Paleo, Vegetarian, etc…

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