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What’s more fun than a cocktail party with incredible eats?!?! When your guests are having some drinks and chatting, nothing gets them in a great mood more than some tasty treats. Whether you’re looking for a backyard BBQ theme or first class upscale corporate event, we will make some dazzling delights for you. Even our “simple” food will make your guests coming back for more.

The cocktail party is probably the most festive social type of party that there is. When your guests are having some drinks and chatting, nothing gets them in a great mood more than some tasty treats. These cocktail parties are fairly easy to plan and they can be elegant, sophisticated, and classy, but still reasonably affordable. You can serve expensive ingredients like lobster, caviar, truffles, and fresh tuna, but the cost can still stay somewhat low because you’re only serving bite sized portions.

Here is How We’ll Help You Plan Your Menu…
Choose Your Type of Foods:

Seasonal Ingredients – In today’s world, you can pretty much get any ingredient you need at any time, but it is always nice to use local fresh seasonal ingredients. If this is something that interests you, we can certainly work on that.

Something New – While the old party favorites are awesome, cocktail parties are always a great way to try new flavors and fare. You and your guests are always more likely to try new things in a fun atmosphere like this. Mix it up a little. You might be surprised what you like.

Smaller Old School Bites – While the trying new flavors might be a fun adventurous thing to do, it isn’t for everybody. We can make some of the old standbys fun like little shot glasses of creamy tomato soup with little grilled cheese dunkers, mini guacamole martinis, or mini Philly cheese steaks. These are HUGE crowd pleasers.

Keep Dietary Needs In Mind – It seems there is always a special dietary need at every party these days. Maybe it is vegetarian, gluten-free wheat allergy, nut allergy, lactose intolerant, whatever… No problem! We have incredible delicious vegetarian items, paleo items, or dairy free items that will make even the pickiest eater safe and happy. It’s always smart to have a couple different types of choices to please everybody.

Have Some Alternatives and Backups – While you can plan for special needs or different tastes, you never know what is going to go well, or not go at all… OR if some unexpected guests arrive and you need more food. It’s always a great idea to have a backup plan. We can always make sure you’re covered, whether it is a bowl of roasted cashews or some spicy Sicilian green olives. Maybe even a little meat and cheese platter or crudités tray with veggies and dip. This way, you’re covered.

Service Style:
There are Really 2 Main Service Types for Cocktail Parties:

1. Passed hors d’oeuvres, or butler service – this is where you have waiters serving your guests from a tray. This is obviously much more formal and not for every occasion.

2. Buffet Style – this is where your guests can help themselves to the buffet table or tables which has an assortment of dishes. This type is perfectly acceptable in most cases.

The 3rd type is a combination of butler service and buffet style. This is not as formal as the strict butler service, but adds a little classy touch to the party.

Think About Your Setup and Décor:

We will, of course, help you plan out your cocktail party space if necessary, but here are a few things to keep in mind beforehand.

It is important to have your party “space” planned well beforehand to avoid any mishaps or space issues. If you have a certain theme in mind, it is probably best to set up your cocktail party space at least 1 day before in case you need to go out and buy more supplies or decorations.

If your party is at your home, be sure to arrange your furniture to allow for people to walk around and socialize with ease. Have a few pieces of furniture against the wall for some of your guests to sit and rest for a while, or even if there are special needs folks there who need to sit.

It is very important to have a few high tables or surfaces where your guests can put their plates and drinks down and eat. If you do not have this option, it could cause spills and thrills. Have lots of cocktail napkins strategically place throughout the party space too. This will avoid guests having to use random towels to wipe their hands and mouth.

Another important fixture would be the trash can. Have at least 2 or 3 of them set in different locations, otherwise you could be cleaning little cocktail napkins and plates off of your couch in the morning.

Of course, especially in the winter, you’ll need a place for everybody to put their coats, purses, and shoes otherwise there might be a big pile of these items right when you walk in, which could cause your guests to feel uncomfortable so they might not have as good of a time as they otherwise would have.

Make sure you have nice dim, flattering lighting rather than bright overhead lighting. Light some candles and have some nice flowers placed throughout the house. And of course, having the right music is a crucial ingredient for a fun festive party to get everybody in the mood.

What Kind of Bar Should You Offer Your Guests:

There are a few options here. You’ll have to make the final call of course, but we always recommend the theme bar to keep the party flowing in a certain direction and to keep the cost down a little.
This really works quite well for a couple of reasons:

1. If you are only offering 2 or 3 drinks, you will be sure to have plenty on hand and you’ll only need a few key ingredients which are easier to shop for.

2. You can be sure to have the drink recipe mastered so you’ll know what it tastes like every time. No surprises.

A full bar is a nice option, and if cost is no object, you should certainly do that. However, you’ll probably need a bartender, which is no problem. We can provide that as well. Just be sure to have at least 2 bottles on hand of all of the popular items, as well as, mixers and garnishes like lemons, limes, salt, sugar, etc…

Anyway, these are just some thoughts we can discuss, or you can predetermine before we speak. Whether you’re looking for a Backyard BBQ Theme, Christmas/Holiday Cocktail Party, or First Class Upscale Corporate Event, we will make some dazzling delights for you. Even our “simple” food will make your guests coming back for more.

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